Paper Honeycomb Core

Paper honeycomb core is a cutting-edge packaging material crafted from recycled paper, characterized by its hexagonal cell structure reminiscent of honeycombs. Acting as the core component of composite panels, this lightweight yet robust material offers exceptional strength, cushioning, and sustainability.

Quality and Features of Paper Honeycomb Core


Paper honeycomb core can be easily customized to fit various packaging needs, offering flexibility in design, size, and shape.

Eco Friendly

Crafted from recycled paper and biodegradable adhesives, paper honeycomb core aligns with sustainable packaging practices, reducing environmental footprint.

Shock Absorption

The honeycomb structure effectively absorbs shocks and impacts during transit, safeguarding packaged items from damage.


By reducing material usage, optimizing space, and lowering shipping weights, paper honeycomb core can lead to cost savings in packaging and logistics.

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